Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 24, 1999

Renette Davis

This message was from my Mom:

Paul has been very quiet. This morning his temperature was 100.4 axillary, which is equal to 101.4 by mouth. Since it has been difficult for him to take pills, the Hospice nurse said to give a Tylenol suppository. A friend went to the store to get some for us.

Karen and Philip were both here yesterday, and Philip played hymns for him in the evening. Paul's friend from work was here in the afternoon and a friend of Philip's came to spend the evening with us. We have had so many friends come, for which we are thankful.

Paul ate a little applesauce last night, but oatmeal was too course to eat this morning. Sammy, the cat, has been staying close to Paul, and yesterday afternoon he jumped up on Paul's bed and snuggled there for almost an hour. But this morning he wanted to play with the oxygen cord, so we had to put him downstairs for a while.

Love, Marie

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