Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 25, 1999

Renette Davis

Paul had a quiet day yesterday. He slept most of the day except when people came in and when they left. He wasn't able to eat anything or drink from a straw in the morning, but in the afternoon he perked up for about half an hour, drank quite a bit of water and ate a little applesauce and pudding.

Philip and his friend Steve were here for supper and Karen came by right after supper. Paul had a little jello and some smushed potatoes for supper. Then Karen fed him part of a popsicle. They all stayed around and helped me with Paul until the crisis care nurse got here.

We started Hospice crisis care last night and have it today. The Hospice nurse said not to give Paul any medicine orally now because there is too much risk of aspiration. They ordered anti-seizure medicine in suppositories, and wanted to monitor it for awhile to make sure he doesn't have any seizures.

Hospice sent a suction machine yesterday in case Paul starts choking, since he's had a lot of congestion. The nurse showed me how to use it last night. She was going to do it again this morning, but when she listened to his lungs, she said they were amazingly clear.

Paul had a good night and was quite alert when he woke up this morning. He talked quite a bit, although it was real hard to understand him. The nurse who was here last night jokes around with him a lot. When she stuck her tongue out at him this morning, he stuck his out back at her.

He's still running a fever. Temp at 8:00 was 99.1 axillary. Blood pressure was 122/70, respiration 20 & shallow, pulse 88. He was able to eat a little applesauce before going back to sleep.

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