Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 14, 1999

Renette Davis

We had a wonderful visit with Henry & Tammy. Last night, Mom played the piano and Henry & I sang. Paul sang along on some of the songs. Another brother, Ray, & his wife, Sue, came up this morning, and overlapped with Henry & Tammy for lunch. After we ate, Ray & Henry served communion. I think it was very meaningful for Paul. I know it was for me.

We're still on crisis care with Hospice, but I suspect that it will end tomorrow. It has been wonderful while it lasted. The nurse who was here yesterday is here again today. She is really great. She kids around with Paul a lot, and is able to get him to do things like keep his oxygen on and his feet up.

One of the women in our church is coordinating volunteers to come and stay with me through the day when crisis care ends. I had been doing it before crisis care started, and found it very time consuming and also somewhat stressful. That will be a big help. I'm also going to try to get someone to come sleep here each night, to help me if Paul needs to get up during the night.

Philip and Karen have both moved into the apartment. I guess they have all their stuff in, but it sounds like they have a ways to go before they're settled in. I think they will be a big support to each other.

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