Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 15, 1999

Renette Davis

Ray & Sue stayed last night and were here til early afternoon today. It was wonderful having them here. Sue sat up and talked with Paul in the wee hours of the morning when he couldn't sleep, and Ray helped convince Paul that he really shouldn't go up the stairs when he wanted to do that. Before they left, Ray told Paul that he doesn't need to worry about me, that they will take care of me if something happens to him. I think that meant a lot to Paul. I know it did to me.

We haven't had anyone from crisis care today, but a couple of people from church and Paul's friend Bob provided coverage all afternoon after Ray & Sue left. Philip and Karen both came by to see Paul today and are coming back for supper. A friend from church just brought a big pot of chili, which was perfect timing!

The Hospice nurse came by today and she called Dr. Will about some medicine to help Paul sleep at night. He prescribed Ambien, 2.5 mg., to be taken at bedtime. It hasn't been delivered yet, but hopefully it will be before bedtime. The Hospice doctor also came to see Paul today, and he said he would talk to Dr. Will about maybe prescribing something else for agitation. The Ativan seems to wear off after 2 hours, but Dr. Will didn't want to increase it to more than 1 mg. every 4 hours. They're going to provide crisis care tonight, but I don't expect it will continue much longer.

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