Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 13, 1999

Renette Davis

This message is from Paul's brother Henry.

We made it up here mid-morning, and found Renette with everything organized and under control as usual. The crisis nurse has been here all day. Paul seems to enjoy her and kids with her a lot. She is upbeat and seems to be to be doing a good job.

Renette says Paul had a good night, awaking only once. Today he has generally been in a good mood, with a couple of times breaking down. His receptive communication skills are still good, but expressive language continues to decline. He has been retaining fluids, and is very swollen. However the doctors now have him on a diuretic (sp?) and it is working VERY VERY well. Overall things are going comfortably.

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Created: June 12, 1999
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