Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 11, 1999

Renette Davis

This is another message from my mother:

We're on crises care. Paul has been very agitated. It's hard to figure out what he wants, so he tries to get up and show us. It takes all our strengh to keep him from falling. Renette went to a meeting with her counsellor this morning, and while she was gone he got to the phone and tried to call her. We don't know who he got, but he was asking for help.

One of us got down low enough to hear that someone was on the phone. Now we're wondering if anyone is trying to trace the call. Philip was here for the night, and it was hard for him to see his father get so angry. Paul told us all to go far away. Renette was able to get him calmed down when she got back. Paul is so sure he can do everything himself, and resents having to be cared for. We see changes everyday.

Paul's friends Bob and Al were both here yesterday. Bob worked a puzzle with Paul and Al played dominoes with him. Yesterday 4 people from the Park Forest singers came and sang hymns for him. We all sang along, and because they were familiar, Paul could sing along. He really enjoyed that.

Today Valerie, the church organist came, and we played duets together for about an hour. Paul enjoyed that and even sang along. Paul's sister-in-law Sue came in while we were playing. It will be so good to have her here. We're also looking forward to having Paul's brother Henry and his wife Tammy here over the weekend.

Love, Marie

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