Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Dec. 13, 1998

Renette Davis

I wanted to tell you all about Paul's solo at church this morning. He's been wanting to sing something for Advent, but has been having a lot of trouble with the words. I suggested that maybe he could just sing "Ah" and let someone else say the words. He did that this morning with "Come, Thou Dear Redeemer" by Cesar Franck.

The woman who said the words has done a lot of narration for Christmas programs, etc., and is very good. She would wait til Paul was about half way through a phrase and then start the words, so that they ended the phrase close together. It was very effective - very moving too - I wasn't the only one crying. Even the minister was choked up.

Paul has a Park Forest Singers concert this afternoon. He's resting with his feet up right now. His feet have been very swollen lately. This morning was the first time he had worn his dress shoes for awhile, and his feet really hurt by the time we got home. I ran out and bought him a new pair of shoes for this afternoon since he'll be standing for a couple of hours.

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