Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Dec. 26, 1998

Renette Davis

Paul wanted to send you all a "Merry Christmas" message but he has been having quite a bit of trouble with words today, so I said I would send it out. Hope you all had a happy Christmas.

Ours was wonderful. My sister and her husband and 2 of their sons came a week ago and just left today. Their other son and his girlfriend came on Tuesday and left Christmas Day.

Paul was really interested in decorating the house and putting up lights outside this year, so he helped me get started on those early in December. I had been buying presents all year, so didn't have too much last minute shopping to do. That gave us lots of time to enjoy the holidays.

Last Sunday our choir presented a Christmas program at 2 retirement centers in the area. Paul sang "Come Thou Dear Redeemer" with the woman narrating like they did for church a couple of weeks ago. The audience was very appreciative, and many people came up to Paul afterwards and said "God bless you" or something similar.

We had a Christmas Eve service at our church and Paul sang "Oh Holy Night" with the same woman narrating. At the end of the service we all lit candles and sang "Silent Night". Philip and Karen were both there with us, and it was a very meaningful service for all of us.

We opened our Christmas presents after church on Christmas Eve since some of our company wanted to get an early start back home on Christmas Day. We had so many packages under the tree, it took about an hour & a half to open the presents. Then of course we had to have a snack and clean up just a little bit, so it was pretty late til we got to bed that night.

Christmas morning we slept in a little bit, and then got up and had pancakes and started the turkey & rolls for dinner. The turkey pretty much cooked itself, so we had a nice leisurely day. Then after dinner we went to look at the decorations at a mansion near here. They have a spectacular display of lights, all around the house, on the trees, and even on the garage (which is bigger than our house!). It looked like a fairly land. Then the kids rented a movie for us all to watch - City of Angels - which we enjoyed.

Even though we didn't spend Christmas with very many of you, we have thought about all of you. It has been a good Christmas for us, and we hope it has been for you as well.

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