Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Dec. 2, 1998

Renette Davis

Paul has been taking the Tamoxifen for about a week now, and so far is having no problems. We were having a little trouble with the insurance company though. Last week when I got the prescription HMO said the dose was too high, so the pharmacist put it in as a 15-day prescription. She said when I come for a refill, HMO will say it's too soon, so the doctor has to call and explain why Paul's taking such a high dose.

Sure enough today when I tried for the refill, HMO rejected it. Luckily the pharmacist who was working on it was the same one who had filled it last week. She had asked me then what Paul was taking it for, so she was very sympathetic. She said if HMO wouldn't pay, it would cost $1175.88 for a month's supply, but we shouldn't worry, she would get it worked out. She just now called me and said she got it to go through ok.

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Created: June 5, 1998
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