Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Dec. 6, 1998

Renette Davis

Paul and I went to the Do-it-Yourself Messiah here in Park Forest this afternoon. It was really great. The director made it real informal. He talked a little bit in between each of the songs - told us things like Handel composed the Messiah in only 2 months, which I hadn't known. When the audience/singers had trouble with "And He Shall Purify", he just slowed down so we could do it. The soloists were very good. I liked all of their voices and they did some interesting things with interpretation.

I think Paul really enjoyed it. He sat with one of his friends from the Park Forest Singers. I sat with the altos, and didn't feel too bad when I missed some parts because everyone around me missed them too!

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Created: June 5, 1999
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