Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Nov. 14, 1997

Renette Davis

This message was from Paul.

Dr Sweeney & his colleagues took yet another look at my MRI and recommended a SPECT scan should be done before additional radiation. My MRI looks "funny" and could be necrosis (dead tissue) instead of tumor. (This is not likely since my type of cancer doesn't die easily, but it's worth checking). They also don't "like" that I've not got symptoms yet, but I kinda' like that part.

So my radiosurgery for Monday has been postponed for a week, and a SPECT scan (nuclear medicine test, like a PET scan) will be done next week. Basically they give me something radioactive and see where it circulates to. The radioactive material will accumulate anywhere with cancer cells since they are busy and active. It will not accumulate where the cells are dead. A scan will then find the active cells.

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