Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Nov. 18, 1997

Renette Davis

Paul had the SPECT scan today. It was done with a big machine that has 3 "cameras", each one in a box that was about 2' x 3' x 1'. The 3 boxes came together to make a triangular space in the middle, which is where Paul's head was. When the triangle was flat on the top, that box was almost touching his nose, so it was a pretty close fit.

These 3 boxes rotated around his head, taking pictures. He was strapped to the "bed" and his head was strapped down around the chin and across the forehead so he wouldn't move. When the boxes started coming together to form the triangle, I nearly freaked out. It's a good thing I wasn't getting the test! I asked the tech if he could tell us anything after it was over, but he said he had to process it on the computer. He said the doctor would contact us later this week.

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