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I am not a health professional or an official representative of any organization - just a retired librarian with an interest in Huntington's Disease.

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Alphabetical List of Documents on This Site

The Huntington's Disease Information web site has grown so much since it began in 1996 that documents have been grouped together on subpages. This alphabetical list provides an easy way to locate specific documents.

Bibliographies of Huntington's Disease, 1990-1999

Lists of articles, audio-visual materials, books, electronic resources, pamphlets, plays, and theses from 1990 to 1999 relating to Huntington's Disease.

Electronic Resources on Huntington's Disease, 1990-1999

List of online resources relating to Huntington's Disease.

Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease

Several articles discussing the pros and cons of genetic testing for Huntington's Disease.

Mailing List for Huntington's Disease

Instructions for subscribing to the electronic discussion group for Huntington's Disease.

Newspaper Articles Relating to Huntington's Disease

Articles on Huntington's Disease from the Boston Globe, the Park Forest Star (Park Forest, Illinois), and The Sun (Bremerton, Washington).

Nursing Homes That Have Had Experience with Huntington's Disease

List of nursing homes provided by family and friends of persons with Huntington's Disease.

Nutrition for People with Huntington's Disease

Various resources relating to nutrition for Huntington's Disease. Includes cookbooks, recipes, ideas from caregivers, information on feeding tubes, and Internet resources.

Poems and Stories Relating to Huntington's Disease

Poems and stories about Huntington's Disease or written by caregivers or people with Huntington's Disease.

Reports Relating to Huntington's Disease

Reports on presentations by Dr. Kathleen Shannon at the 1996 and 1997 meetings of the Illinois Chapter, Huntington's Disease Society of America, a report by Mary Price of the 1996 Annual Convention of the Huntington's Disease Society of America, and a report by Andrew Maloney, 1st year Biology student at the University of Chicago, June 2002.

Resources for Daily Living with Huntington's Disease

List of articles, books, catalogs, etc. relating to communication, food, wheel chairs, and other aspects of daily life for people with Huntington's Disease.

Reviews of Resources on Huntington's Disease

Reviews and summaries of books, etc. relating to Huntington's Disease.

Tips for Daily Living with Huntington's Disease

Ideas on communication, etc. by individuals who have known or cared for someone with Huntington's Disease.


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