Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 29, 1999

Renette Davis

Paul had a good night last night. He was really tired when he went to bed since we had quite a bit of activity during the day and evening. Philip and Karen were here for dinner. After we ate, Karen climbed into bed with Paul, and Mom said I should take a picture, so that led to a picture taking session. About that time our choir director came by so we had her take a couple of pictures of all of us around Paul's bed. I hope they turn out.

After the pictures, Philip sat down to play the piano and our choir director was really glad to see that. (She was Philip's piano teacher.) Then after they all left our organist came by and played the piano for Paul. By the time she left, it was bedtime.

Paul had several episodes of starting to get agitated yesterday, but we were able to ward them off with Ativan and/or all of the activities going on. We woke him up a couple of times during the night when we were changing him, but other than that he slept all night.

This morning he took his meds in applesauce and had some cream of wheat for breakfast. He's gone back to sleep again now. We have crisis care yet today, but I expect that'll be the end. I'm glad we don't have a crisis right now, but I'll miss having the crisis care. His vitals this morning were:

Blood pressure 128/80
Pulse 96
Respiration 22-24 (no apnea this morning)
Temp 98.3 axillary
Lungs clear

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