Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Mar. 4, 1999

Renette Davis

This is a message from my mother:

I'm still here with Paul and Renette. Last night they had a rough night. Paul had some chest pains and was very restless. I woke up to a beautiful sound. Renette was singing a soft lullaby to him, to soothe and quiet him. He slept after that. Hospice has put him on crisis care, which means that a nurse is here around the clock. The nurse today suggested that we move furniture around so that Paul's chair is closer to his bed. He likes it that way. Karen was here to help us move things.

Some of our relatives, who live nearby, were here this afternoon. We sang a number of hymns. Paul sang along as best he could. It was very apparent that he enjoyed this. We are still working two puzzles a day. He loves company, and he has many friends who come to visit. We especially enjoyed his brother's visit on Sunday and Monday. He and Ray went for a drive, took a short walk, and went on the quadracycle. This perked Paul up. We're looking forward to his other brother, Clete, and hopefully his parents this weekend. Renette is such a wonderful caregiver, and I'm proud of her, but she and Paul need all of our prayers for strengh in these times.

Love, Marie

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