Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Nov. 6, 1998

Renette Davis

I got a copy of the report of Paul's MRI from Tuesday, and it basically says nothing has changed since Sept. 28. That probably means that it doesn't really matter that much if we have to wait a week or two for the CPT-11 & Cyclosporine treatment.

I got an email message from Dr. Nicholas today and he said Paul could stop taking the Glyburide. He said a glucose of 179 isn't terribly high and if high sugars become a problem there are other drugs to use. He also said they'll recheck Paul's platelets, but he didn't say when. I'm assuming it'll be next week sometime.

Paul has been having a sore throat and cough. I called his primary physician today and he prescribed an antibiotic. I'm feeling under the weather too so am probably getting the same thing. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway.

I don't know if I told you all that Paul & I went to the Skyline Cemetery last Saturday and bought a plot for the two of us. The plan is that we will be cremated and our ashes buried in the same plot. We didn't pay for any of the extras - urn/vaults, opening & closing the grave, or marker. We figured that can wait til one of us dies.

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