Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Sept. 4, 1998

Renette Davis

We went to see the orthopedic doctor on Monday and he took out the staples from the incision on Paul's shoulder. He said everything is healing nicely. We asked whether Paul could ride a bike now if he felt up to it and the doctor said absolutely not. We go see him again in a couple of weeks.

On Wednesday, we went to see Paul's primary physician. He also said everything looks good. I asked him about the partially collapsed lung that showed up on the pre-surgery x-ray, and he said either the anesthesiologist was mistaken or I misunderstood him, because he looked at the x-ray and there was no evidence of collapsed lung.

Paul mowed the lawn yesterday. It was a really nice day and I think he just felt like going outside and getting some exercise. It really wiped him out. He still tires very easily and takes lots of naps. I doubt very much if he's going to be up to riding in the Evanston ride. I feel so bad that he had the bicycle accident which has prevented him from enjoying bicycling now. I wish that I had laid down the law and said no biking except on the back of the tandem. But I know that Paul would not have liked that, and probably wouldn't have listened to me anyway.

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