Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Feb. 12, 1998

Renette Davis

Paul & I went to see Dr. Kelly Nicholas at the University of Chicago yesterday. (I joined the University of Chicago health plan through my job during open enrollment so we can now use U of C doctors if we want to.) He said they are doing a Phase I clinical trial using Thalidomide in breast cancer at the U of C, and it may be possible to get Paul into that. He's going to check it out for us.

Apparently they will sometimes let patients with other types of cancers into Phase I trials. That would certainly be more convenient than going to New York once a month. He said we should also consider a clinical trial of temazolamide, which they are doing at Evanston. He was involved in a clinical trial for it before he came to U of C, and saw some positive results. He's also going to look into it for us, as well as get more information on the NYU trial of Thalidomide.

Paul finishes this round of chemotherapy on Feb. 23, has an MRI on Feb. 24, and we go back to see Dr. Nicholas on Feb. 25. Dr. Nicholas said he hopes that the MRI will show no new growth, in which case he would recommend staying with the current treatment of PCV, but he also said it's good to be ready with something else if the current treatment doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

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