Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient's Wife

Oct. 2, 1997

Renette Davis

We went to see the radiation oncologist yesterday and he gave us a prescription for an MRI to be done in about 2 weeks. Today we saw the regular oncologist and he gave us a prescription for the next round of chemotherapy, to begin in a couple of days. Paul's not looking forward to that! He still doesn't have his appetite back from the first round.

We got a new prescription for nausea. This one is called Tigan. The earlier one was Compazine, and when Paul took it he felt depressed, so we asked for something different. The nausea isn't severe but is enough that Paul doesn't feel much like eating and is continuing to lose some weight.

I asked the oncologist today whether he would be willing to try Hydrazine Sulfate for Paul. That's the drug which is being used at the Syracuse Cancer Institute that someone told me about. He said he has already looked into it for other patients and decided not to use it. When I asked why he said the tests have not shown promising results.

There's a new head of oncology at the U of C who several people have mentioned to us as someone who would be up on all of the latest treatments. I thought we might try to get in to see him if we can. Don't know that he would tell us anything different than our oncologist, but we might feel better if we had another opinion.

I also asked the oncologist today whether Paul should get a flu shot, and he said yes and had his nurse give Paul one right away. Paul hasn't been feeling very well since then. Don't know if it's the shot or if he's coming down with something. I've got a bit of a cold, so it might be that. Other than that, however, he's been feeling pretty good.

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